Afternoon Menu

All of our products are locally sourced and of the highest quality

Seasonal plates

Gorndal Olives - £2.10

Toasted Sourdough (V) - £3.10Local Butter/ English Sea Salt/Watercress

English Tomato & Wombourne Wild Garlic (VE) - £6.50Wild Garlic/Watercress/New Season Radishes/Sourdough Croutons

Moyden Cheese & Bewdley Pickle Openface Sandwich (V) - £6.30New Season Radishes/Watercress/Cress/Cornichons/Pickled Red Onions

Hot Smoked Peppered Mackerel Pate & Toasted Sourdough- £6.10Dill/Watercress/Fresh Horseradish/Pickled Red Onions/Cucumber/ Lemon

Black Country Smoked Salmon Co - £6.90Hand Cut Smoked Salmon/Toasted Sourdough/Cream Cheese/Caperberry/Red Onion/Cucumber/Dill/Watercress/Cornichons/Lemon

Green Goddess Sandwich (VE) - £6.10Toasted Bloomer/This Isn't Bacon/Grilled Artichoke/Beef Tomato/Red Onion/Dill Pickles/Watercress/Black Pepper Vegan Mayonnaise

Cobble Lane Cured Charcuterie Plate- £9.95The Best of English Cured Meats- Capocollo Pork/Garlic & Fennel Salami/ Beef Bresola. Served with Mixed House Pickles, Toasted Sourdough, Propa Homemade Piccalilli


Hereford Beef Burger (MUST TRY) - £7.10Toasted Brioche Bun/Our Choice of Prime Beef Patty/Red Onion/Beef Tomato/Dill Pickles/American Cheese/Watercress/No.5 Sauce

Dirty Double Up - £2.90

Beyond Meat Veggie Burger (V) - £6.90Brioche Bun/Veggie Patty/Red Onion/Beef Tomato/Dill Pickles/American Cheese/Watercress/No.5 Sauce

Fish O'Fillet Burger- £6.90Brioche Bun/Sustainable Battered Fish Fillet/Tartare Sauce/Dill Pickle/American Cheese/Watercress/Lemon


Fries & No.5 Sauce - £3.90

Fries, Black Pepper & White Truffle Oil Mayonnaise - £4.10
Spicy Fries & Harry's Fire Roasted Chilli Vinaigrette & Chilli Seasoning - £3.95


Ice Cream Sandwich - £3.50Chocolate Chip Cookie/Bennetts Cappuccino Ice Cream

Warm Chocolate & Peanut Butter Brownie £4.10 Bennetts Cappuccino Ice Cream/Cocoa Powder

Refreshing Grapefruit Sobert & Rhurbarb Gin 4.70 Served With Garden Mint

No.5 Cakes X BAKED IT -Tettenhall

Lemon Drizzle (VE) - £2.70

Sticky Ginger (VE) - £2.70

Mocha Walnut - £2.70

Peanut Butter Brownie - £3.00

Add Whipped Cream - £0.50

Everything Is Cooked To Order