Spring Breakfast Menu

All of our products are locally sourced and of the highest quality

Propa British - Vodka Bloody Mary - £5.90Premium Tomato Juice/Vodka/Spices/Lemon/Cucumber/Gherkin

Our Granola Bowl - £4.10Greek Styke Yoghurt/Homemade Granola/Rhubarb & Strawberry Jame/Kinver Honey

Bakers Breakfast & Bewdley Preserve - £2.50Bloomer/Rhubarb & Strawberry Jam or Serville Orange Marmalade

Black Country Smoked Salmon Co - £6.90Hand Cut Smoked Salmon/Toasted Sourdough/Cream Cheese/Capers/Red Onion/Watercress

Breakfast Bap - £5.95Brioche Bun/Premium Sausage/Fried Egg/American Cheese

Sausage Sandwich - £3.90White Bloomer/Hartlands Sausage

These Isn't Bacon Rashers - Sandwich (VE) - £3.95White Bloomer/Vegan Bacon/Grilled Beef Tomato

Add Local Free Range Fried Egg - 90pRed or Brown Sauce